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What Princess Charlotte Handwriting Reveals About Her

The last months of last school year were, one might say, a trying period both for teachers and parents, who were faced with brand new challenges due to the global pandemic. And Prince George and Princess Charlotte are no exception.

The Cambridge family have been stuck at their country home Anmer Hall ever since the lockdown was introduced, with dad William and mom Kate also facing the same struggles as many other parents also have.

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In this period they had to get creative with finding activities to keep the children entertained, with one outing being a highlight for the trio.

Kate Middleton took her three children to Marble’s Paint Pot in Norfolk, located in Burnham Market, close to their home there. It was revealed that there they made their own pots, decorating them with all kinds of colours and shapes to their liking. All three children left their mark there, making handprints on a wall, with each of them choosing a different colour. The two eldest that have started learning the alphabet, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, even wrote their names next to the hand marks.

“Spent the afternoon pottery painting – so much fun! Kate Middleton, Prince George, Charlotte & Louis were also here on Saturday!” read the Instagram post. Pictured are three handprints in green, blue, and yellow; signed by “George, 6” and “Charlotte, 4”.

Fans were quick to notice the distinct styles which the two used, with Charlotte writing the t’s in a very cute way. Some fans even went further and took a deeper look and analyzed both of the royals works. The slanting of Charlotte’s name has gotten quite the attention, with some theorizing that she might be left-handed. Unlikely, as her handprint was made with her right hand, potentially explaining the situation.

During her multiple video conference engagements recently, Kate has talked about how she and her family have changed up their lifestyle because of the pandemic. “It’s been ups and downs, probably like lots of families self-isolating. We’ve kept to a pretty strict routine here at home. That’s massively helped us all actually.” Prince William, joking, added: “Yeah, home schooling’s fun…”

Looking at how things are going, the two youngsters might be returning to school sooner than expected.

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