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What’s The Hidden Meaning Behind Tom Hardy’s Tattoos?

Besides his actor skills, another thing that makes Tom Hardy noticeable is the number of tattoos he has got. And if you have seen him shirtless we probably have the same opinion: Tom enjoys getting inked!

And not long ago, he got his newest one. The tattoo says: ‘Leo Knows All’. Apparently, Tom Hardy and actor, Leonardo DiCaprio had a bet. DiCaprio had bet Hardy a “tattoo of the winner’s choosing” that the British star would also be nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film. And because Tom lost the bet, he had to ink this tattoo.

But now let’s talk about the much more he has got.

When Tom Hardy was only 15 years old, he got a leprechaun tattoo on his right arm. It’s an ode to his Irish heritage. He’s connected to the Emerald Isle thanks to his mum Anne, who’s a painter and artist.

Tom Hardy leprechaun tattoo

On his left pic, he has the words ‘Padre Fiero’, which mean ‘proud father’; while he’s also got ‘ Figlio Mio Bellissimo’ on his lower right bicep, which means ‘my beautiful son’.

Tom Hardy tattoo 'Padre Fiero'
Tom Hardy’s tattoo ‘Padre Fiero’
Tom Hardy tattoo "Figlio Mio Bellissimo"
Tom Hardy’s tattoo “Figlio Mio Bellissimo”

He’s got ‘Till I die SW’ on the side of his stomach. He got that tattoo for his ex-wife Sarah Ward. But he also dedicated her one more. He got inked a dragon on his left arm. It’s because she was born in the Year of the Dragon. “That’s what you call a mistake tattoo,” he later said.


Tom Hardy tattoo 'Till I die SW'
Tom Hardy’s tattoo ‘Till I die SW’
Tom Hardy Dragon tattoo and tatootattoo for his ex-wife Sarah Ward
Tom Hardy’s Dragon tattoo and tattoo for his ex-wife Sarah Ward

Tom also got a star tattooed on his left shoulder when he found out that Rachel Speed, ex-girlfriend, was pregnant.

He’s also got his current wife’s name ‘Charlotte’ on his shoulder, who he married in 2014. The couple has a son and a dog together.

Tom Hardy tattooed on his left shoulder
Tom Hardy tattooed on his left shoulder

His agent Lindy King was the one that helped him become a successful actor. And She had the honor of having her name written on Tom’s skin. The actor promised her the tattoo if she could get him into Hollywood.

Another one is the portrait of Madonna cradling a baby holds. According to the actor, it is a special one. He shares: “That was about mothering me. I went through a lot of stuff leaving home and becoming a father and growing up to be my own mother. I have a mother; she’s amazing. But this is about being able to mother my parents and my son and myself – which is very painful. Getting my head around that growth spurt.” It also includes the date of his son Louis’ birth “848” (He was born on April 8, 2008).

Tom Hardy tattoo "portrait of Madonna cradling a baby holds"
Tom Hardy tattoo “portrait of Madonna cradling a baby holds”

The Hammersmith-born star has a pic of London’s skyline right below the Madonna tattoo. And he’s also got the Union Jack on his chest.

Tom Hardy Tattoos

The Marine Corps number of his best friend Patrick’s dad, 1338046, is inked across his right collarbone. Tom said: “My character in Warrior has a war buddy’s ID number tattooed on him, so I got this done – for both the movie and out of respect and love for my brother.”

There’s also a raven that appears to have a bat inside it inscribed onto his chest. It symbolizes the two movies that brought him worldwide recognition: ‘Mad Max’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Tom Hardy

“The Revenant” inspired him to ink a wolf, raven and sacred heart tattoo. Tom says: “It’s a wolf, a raven, and a sacred heart. So my heart is on my sleeve. The raven and wolf are important animals to me.”



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