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When Is Princess Kate’s Next Engagement And How It’s Connected To Her Dad Michael Middleton?

The Princess of Wales will travel to Leeds and Lancaster next week, and one of her engagements will feature a close connection to her father, Michael Middleton.

Kate, 41, will visit AW Hainsworth textile mill in Leeds on Tuesday to learn more about the industry and its historic connection to her paternal ancestors.

The family-owned mill was established in 1738 and in 1958, the Princess’ great-great grandfather sold William Lupton & Co to AW Hainsworth.

Kate’s great-grandmother Olive Lupton married solicitor Noel Middleton in 1914, and he became a director of the textiles mill.

Kate Middleton and father Michael middleton

The couple shared three sons – Christopher, Anthony and Peter – the latter being Michael Middleton’s father.

Meanwhile, Kate’s great-grandmother Olive was a nurse and helped soldiers who were badly injured during the First World War, who were sent back to Britain for treatment.

In August 2020, the Princess referenced her ancestors in a letter to mark the 150th anniversary of the British Red Cross. During her visit to AW Hainsworth, Kate will tour the mill and meet a number of the company’s apprentices.

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She will also see the new state-of-the-art on-site laboratory which the company is using for cutting-edge innovation and product development. The textile mill supplies fabrics to a wide range of customers – from fashion and homeware brands to the Armed Forces.

It also produces woven felt for pianos and other musical instruments, designs national and international transportation fabric, and creates protective materials for emergency services and military personnel worldwide.

AW Hainsworth also holds a Royal Warrant and its fabrics were on display during the coronations of the late Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and King Charles earlier this year.

For her second engagement of the day, Kate will travel to Lancaster where she will visit Standfast & Barracks, a printworks dating back to 1924 which is now part of the Sanderson Design Group.


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