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Why Prince William And Kate Look More In Love Than Ever Before

This month, on the 29th of April, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be celebrating a very important milestone-their tenth wedding anniversary. It has been an eventful ten years, filled with its highs and lows, and after all this time and three children, it seems that Prince William and Kate are more in love than ever.

The pair have always tried to stick to the rules, like keeping their public displays of affection to a minimum, only sometimes letting their more playful sideshow during official engagements. But with the pandemic keeping everyone at home, in the last half of the year fans were treated to a more intimate glimpse into the private lives of the royals.

Judi James, the body language expert and author, talked with HELLO! just before the two royals reach this important milestone, analyzing and explaining how there are subtle body language signals that show how the two royal have grown their confidence and comfort when it comes both to their official duties and their personal connection.

“William and Kateโ€™s body language has undergone a steady evolution that has been sped up thanks to the pandemic and lockdown”, Judi explained. “Time spent together as a family appears to have created stronger bonds both as a couple and as a working team, and somehow turned back the clock in terms of their public signals of affection and love.”

The royal couple actually returned to the place where it all started ten years ago, at Westminster Abbey where the two exchanged the vows they have kept through all these years. For the visit Kate went with a white dress and a hairstyle very reminiscent of her elegant bridal look, with the subtext of this move being clear as day.

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Judi continues: “Their body movements have always been well synchronized but recently that synchronicity has been more intense than ever, suggesting like-minded thinking, trust and respect. In recreating the walk down the aisle they did for their own wedding, we can see some perfect mirroring as they walk in step.”

During their most recent joint appearance for St Patrick’s Day video message, fans got to see William and Kate a rare and more explicitly flirty exchange, full of “cute subliminal mirroring”.

Judi explains how their playful poses-such as taking it in turns to bounce up and down on their toes as they speak, gazing into each other’s eyes-tells a beautiful story. “When William turns to his wife to crack his joke, both their facial expressions soften instantly and her reply is a wide smile of loyalty and love”, she said.

Judi remarks how William has started to “eye-check” Kate more often over the past year. While this is more common during the early phases of a relationship, it seems that ten years and three kids-George, Charlotte and Louis-have somehow reignited the spark. Prince William has been seen displaying ‘the look of love a number of times during last year, with his expression “softening every time Kate smiles back at him.

Kate has also grown, with her use of emphatic gestures and body language signals pointing to a newfound “confidence” in her role, certainly helped by her ever-growing experience, be with by solo outing or virtual calls during the lockdowns.

Royal Correspondent Danielle Stacey also adds that the past few months have been very important for the couple. She tells HELLO!: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been able to spend more quality time together, possibly more than ever before, during the past year, and as we know, family is at the heart of everything William and Kate do.

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“While the couple has often spoken about their children publicly over the years, we’ve also been given little insights into their marriage during the lockdown, with Kate naming William as her greatest support during a video call with fellow parents in January.

“The Duke also said that he and Kate support one another through the pressures of parenthood during his Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health documentary last year.

“It’s clear from the way in which they talk about one another, there’s a great deal of pride, love and respect. William and Kate have essentially grown up together, having met at university, navigated their way through their twenties, marriage, parenthood and the responsibility that comes with being a future King and Queen Consort.”

Let their future decades be as eventful and full of growth as these first were.

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