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Why Serbian’s Contestant For Eurovision 2022 Sing About Meghan Markle’s Hair?

After two semi-finals and one big finale of 18 songs, Serbia has chosen their representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. After winning both the public and jury vote, Konstrakta will perform in Torino with her strangely compelling song “In Corpore Sano”.

The lyrics of her song has attracted a lot of attention, especially the part where she sings “what is the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair (koja je tajna zdrave kose Meghan Markle”.)

In an interview, the singer Konstrakta reveals why the former Duchess of Sussex is the “star” in her song.

“I decided to mention Megan Markle in the song because the newspapers write that she has beautiful hair … She also has more beautiful hair than Kate Middleton, so let’s not lie. Kate has beautiful hats and Megan has beautiful hair.

“Megan was also expelled, and we support the persecuted.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they will step back as “senior” royals and work to become financially independent in January 2020. The couple was also given a period of 12 months to change their minds after announcing their departure from royal life.

The song went viral on social media, especially on TickTock. But there was also speculation that it was dedicated to a colleague of Konstrakta who had leukaemia and could not be treated because he didn’t have a health card.

However, in the end, Konstrakta denied these rumours:

“It is not true that the song is dedicated to the deceased musician, as it was said.”

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