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Why The Queen Was Shocked By Kate Middleton And Prince William?

Even though they are royals, Kate Middleton And Prince William have a way of doing things their way.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are two of the biggest and most influential royals in the worlds, alongside their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

However, the couple does not let their title in the Queen’s family stop them from living the lives they want in private, and over the years Kate has made a lot of changes to the royal family in general.

Recently, a source revealed to that the Queen was shocked when she discovered how different her grandson and his wife lived in their home in Anmer Hall, Norfolk.

the queen and kate middleton

The source told the publication: “When the Queen visited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Anmer Hall for the first time, she couldn’t get her head around the fact the kitchen is the main base for them.”

For the Queen, she can’t stand that because she is used to having a set room for that sort of thing.”

They added: “The kitchen she never goes down to when she’s at Balmoral, for instance. In her mind, that is where all the kitchen staff works.”

And this is just one of many ways how this royal couple has rebelled against royal norms.

How They Raise Their Children

Prince George arrives in Poland with Kate and William

One of the ways Kate and Will differ from other royal couples is the way they raise their children.

Both Kate and William are trying to keep George, Charlotte and Louis’ lives as normal as possible.

As well, the couple themselves prefer to raise their kids, hiring only one nanny, instead of many, which is the usual norm.

Public Display Of Affection

Kate Middleton And Prince William

While Kate and William have stuck to royal tradition over the years concerning how much public affection they show, the couple doesn’t shy away from sharing a touch or holding hands.

And it seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will continue in these footsteps, as the newest couple in the royal family isn’t afraid to show their affections during royal engagements.

Everyday Life

Kate Middleton And Prince William

Kate and William have both admitted that they are living quite the normal and simple life.

During an interview on Radio One, the couple le out just how relatable they are.

The couple admitted to doing everyday things, such as loving takeaway food, watching box sets, and being on their mobile phones too much, just like the rest of us plebs.

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