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Will William And Kate Visit The Sussexes During Upcoming US Tour

Prince William and Kate are heading over the pond for the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony – however, it seems that they won’t have time for some of their closest family.

Royal expert Neil Sean spoke on whether Prince William and Kate will have the means to visit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who live in the United States, California more specifically.

“It would be an ideal situation to take the time out to meet. When you think about it, both in the same country and away from prying eyes because it’s a little bit easier to get away from the media over there because it’s such a vast place. You can arrange to meet anywhere but sadly that will not be possible,” said Sean.

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“They’re planning a packed schedule with no private time for visits,” continued the expert. “Very nice and regally put. This all centers upon the fact that William is finding it very hard to move on from all those allegations that Harry put out about him and his family via Oprah.”

Royal expert and author Phil Dampier shares a similar view to his colleague, adding that it very unlikely the Cambridges will stay with Harry and Meghan, citing the obvious security concerns.

“If they stayed with Harry, it would turn into a circus and also be a security nightmare, taking attention away from the green cause, so I expect William and Kate to concentrate on their efforts and not meet up with them,” said Dampier.

Dampier also noted that “William and Kate have always been very popular in the U.S. but have not been there for some time, so they will want to boost their profile.”

At first glance, it might seem a bit inconsiderate for William and Kate to travel all the way to the States and not visit their immediate family living there, but all the explanations as to why seem to be there.

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