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William And Kate Celebrate St Patrick’s Day After Two Years Absence

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Irish Guards for St Patrick’s Day their traditional parade after a two-year break.

On Thursday Kate Middleton and Prince William raised a glass to the Irish in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The two royals joined the Irish Guards for their annual parade and celebration in Aldershot, located around 40 miles southwest of London.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Irish Guards for ST. PATRICK'S DAY

This is a welcome return to the celebrations for the royals, who got to hand out the symbolic shamrocks and join in on the festivities with the guards at their barracks, following two years of absence, as the still ongoing global pandemic prevented the event from being held.

For the event, Prince William wore the uniform of his honorary position of Colonel of the Irish Guards and got to salute the regimental mascot Irish wolfhound Turlough Mor-also is known as Seamus.

Kate, sticking to the whole theme, went with a full-green outfit by designer Laura Green, with her having the honour of presenting the wolfhound with his own emblematic shamrock sprig.

After the parade, as it goes, Prince William took the salute and the two royals sat for the traditional photograph of them with soldiers of every rank. Then the couple joined the Junior Ranks in the dining hall, where they met and talked with the soldiers and their families, and received a toast from the Senior Guardsman of the 1st Battalion.

Earlier in the day, the royals tweeted from their official account, sending well-wishes to those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day around the world.

At the beginning of the week Prince William’s father Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, enjoyed some hospitality in an Irish centre in London, as well as a pint of Guinness. It was all laughs as Charles poured and sipped some Guinness, with Camilla barely holding it together as the Prince took a sip from the beer before it had settled and got froth on his nose.

She still somehow managed to discreetly tell her husband about the spot of froth on his nose, with the Prince bursting out laughing because of it.

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