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William And Kate Reportedly Set To Make A Big Announcement Over Christmas

Kate and Prince William are set to make some kind of dramatic announcement during this Christmas period, the palace has revealed. Royal expert Omid Scobie, who was present at the briefing when this was announced, reports that we should expect the announcement to come in the upcoming two weeks-going so far to describe it as a “break from tradition”. Speaking on ABC’s Heirpod, Scobie also said that “next year will be a big one for Kate”.

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The royal commentator said: “Next year is going to be busy for the Cambridges.

“Expect royal announcements over the holidays, which I think is a slight break away from tradition.

“There was a briefing at Kensington Palace just this week where they gave us a number of new announcements that will be coming out over the holiday period.

“It’s a smart decision, it’s a quiet time of the year. It is a great time to announce things.”

He continued: “We will be hearing about a new initiative from Prince William and some other news as well.

“Next year is a big one for Kate. She is going to be really focused on her early years development. That is something she has been involved in for a long time now.

“It has all been bitty for anyone who follows this. Apparently 2020 is a year when it is all tied together. So, yes, a busy year for them.”

Most recently, William and Kate alongside their children have been spotted earlier this week as they were making their way to Buckingham Palace.

The entire family is visiting as they will take part in the lunch at Buckingham Palace, which takes place annually on the Wednesday before Christmas. This event is the last one before the Queen goes to Sandringham, where she spends the rest of the festive season, and it is one of the rare occasions when the monarch meets with the extended family.

Fans couldnt help it but obsess at how much Kate and her youngest, Prince Louis looked alike as they arrived at the event on Wednesday by car. Since then, royal fans have dubbed Prince Louis as “mini-Kate”.

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