5 Reasons Why Kate Middleton Always Dresses Her Kids The Same Way

Kate Middleton is often seen wearing the same outfits, or versions of them. This has been well-documented. And it seems that she has taken the same approach when it comes to dressing her kids. Of course, there are reasons for this behavior. To be exact, five. These reasons are according to tons of experts who spoke to the Daily Mail.

1. She Wants To Avoid Creating A Shopping Frenzy Around The Designers And Brands Her Kids Are Wearing

Prince George

That should come as no surprise as royal are usually one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. And according to Rakuten Marketing the youngest members of the royal family, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte are the second and fourth most influential celebrity youngsters in the children’s fashion market respectively. With all that fame, the outfits that they wear get sold out within hours as they are put online. It’s amazing how big of an influence the smallest members of the royal family can have.

2. She Wants To Show The World That Royals Are Just Like Everyone Else

Prince George

They also wear some outfits multiple times, just like the rest of us plebs. Even in official state portraits. This is also the reason why she dresses her children in affordable clothes, unlike other celebrity moms, such as Beyonce and Kim K, who prefer designer clothes. We give you our respect for that.

3. She Wants To Limit Te Media Attention The Children Receive

One thing she doesn’t want is her kids being chased by photographers in hopes of getting pictures of her children’s newest outfits.

4. She Is A Traditionalist And Wants To Keep Them Away From Anything Too Gimmicky Or Trendy

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

She wants her kids to be kids, and not trendsetters. Of course, we know that she is a devoted traditionalist and dresses her kids accordingly, which has to cause a resurgence in the popularity of that type of clothes in the U.K. But what can she do? They have the power to make garbage bags a trend. At least she makes a point of favoring smaller brands and local designers over big, multinational conglomerates.

5. She Wants To Bridge The Past And The Present With The Children’s Clothes

Prince William and Prince George

She often dresses George in outfits similar to those worn by William back when William was George’s age. For Charlotte’s christening, she dressed him in a red shorts outfit nearly identical to one worn by William when he met his newborn baby brother, Prince Harry, in 1984.

It seems that she has taken a completely new approach to dressing her children, than that of Princess Diana, which favored wearing matching clothes with her kids. Prince William and Prince Harry must love going through those old pictures.


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