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7 Things We Learned From Harry And Meghan’s Royal Crisis Documentary

The world is shocked at the decision of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family. In the official announcement, the Duke and Duchess explain how they want to create their own path and become financially independent, as well as split their time between the UK and North America, especially for baby Archie. This decision has to lead to lots of crisis talks taking place in Sandringham on Monday, with royal aides working on a solution for this within days and not weeks.

Fans have already flocked to support their favourite royal couple, but there are still many things unclear, so Tom Bradby went in-depth discussing the future of possibilities for Prince Harry and Meghan in the newest ITV documentary Harry & Meghan: A Royal Crisis?; with Chris Ship interviewing and presenting. Here is what we know so far:

Royal Crisis: This Decision Was Not Something Spontaneous
Harry And Meghan Reveal Details About Canada Vacation With Archie

While the decision itself didn’t was unknown until they officially revealed it to the public, behind the scenes almost everyone was preparing for it. In the documentary, Chris asked Tom: “Did you think at that point, two months down the line, that Harry and Meghan would be announcing that they would want out?” – “Yes, I did think that,” said Tom.

Royal Crisis: The British State Will Be Deciding About Harry And Meghan’s Security

Every year both Prince William and Prince Harry get 2.5m pounds from their father Prince Charles’ private fund. But as the Sussexes will be striving for financial independence, and on their website, they say that they will no longer be receiving anything from the Sovereign Grant. However there is one thing that they will need to address, and that is who will be paying for their security, which is currently funded by the British taxpayer. Some people, and rightfully so, think that this should end if Harry and Meghan step back. Tom noted: “You have to make sure that the British taxpayers don’t feel cheated, which is central.” “That’s key isn’t it?” agreed Chris. “Anyone who thinks they’re having their cake and eating it, this will be a problem for Harry and Meghan going forward, and for the royal family.” “The money thing is key,” added Tom.

Royal Crisis: Frogmore Cottage’s Future Will Be Up To The Queen
Royal Baby Birth Imminent As Ambulance Arrives At Frogmore Cottage

The couple had their base of operation and residence at Frogmore Cottage, which was given to them by the Queen, after moving away from Kensington Palace. The British taxpayer paid around £2.4m to renovate the home, and Harry and Meghan would save around £60,000 a year in rent by living there for free. In the end, the Queen will be the one deciding if she will continue to allow her grandson and his wife to use the residence.

Royal Crisis: Harry And Meghan Might Move To Canada…Permanently

The Sunday Times correspondent Roya Nikkhah, who was interviewed on the programme, noted: “The thing about Canada and America is that Meghan has a good friendship base there and contacts, from when she worked in Suits.” Writer Hugo Vickers agreed, saying: “I’m quite sure that Harry and Meghan want to leave the UK, and will leave the UK, but that does not mean they will leave the monarchy. This is giving the monarchy a very exciting new dimension. There are obviously practical problems, but I see a big horizon opening up, internationally and transatlantic ally.”

Royal Crisis: But Harry Loves His Country And The Monarchy

The couple did spend a few weeks in Canada, and by all accounts, they loved it, so a move there would not be as surprising. But Tom disagrees: “One of the questions to which I don’t know the answer is, are they at the point where they just write off Britain? I’ve got to tell you, my hunch is, no I don’t think they are. I don’t know about her but for him, I can’t stress enough, he loves this country and he believes in the monarchy and even now it’s possible to construct something were, maybe the half-in half-out model does work, but it’s going to require a lot of careful thought and imagination and as we discussed, with an incredibly careful eye on the British taxpayer. The British taxpayer has got to feel that this is a deal that works for them otherwise, that’s toxic.”

Royal Crisis: Meghan Could Become A Brand Ambassador

At the moment, the two royals have not shown they have any kind of plan on how they will become financially independent, which has led lots of fans to speculate. Some think that Meghan will take on big roles such as brand ambassador, while others think she will make a great return to TV, whether as an actress or maybe as a producer, perhaps on programmes that promote the causes and charities that she has long been interested in. There has also been speculation that Meghan and Harry could partner up with bigger companies such as Apple for both book deals or TV production.

Royal Crisis: Harry Will Continue With His Voluntary Work

Prince Harry has already made it clear that this decision will not affect his charity work and he will keep focusing on the Invictus Games and Sentebale. He has already spoken to the later to reassure the charity that he has a life-long commitment to them. And now he will have more freedom when it comes to taking up charities to support, so he might take up things such as eco-tourism.

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