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Baby Sussex Will Have This In Common With The Queen, Charlotte And Louis

The Duchess of Sussex is nearing the end of her pregnancy. Soon, she and husband Harry will welcome their first child into the family.

During her visit to Birkenhead with Harry in January, Meghan reportedly told one member of the crowd that she was six-months pregnant and shared with another that she is due late April, early May.

That means baby Sussex will share a birthday close to cousins Charlotte and Louis and great-grandmother, the Queen. Charlotte’s birthday is on May 2, and Louis will celebrate his first birthday on April 23. Queen Elizabeth II turns 93 on April 21.

Baby Sussex will therefore have the same star sign as them: the babe’s going to be a Taurus. Taurus birthdays fall from 21 April to 21 May, with character traits including being reliable, ambitious and loyal.

Relationships between two Tauruses are said to be exceedingly loyal. They are also determined and persistent, which should come in handy for one likely to have an impact on the world someday.

Harry and Meghan have kept the gender of their baby a surprise. Meghan said: “I don’t, I promise you – no – we’re going to be surprised” on whether she knew if she was having a boy or a girl.

Bets on the couple having a girl were also suspended at the beginning of January. Betfair Spokesperson Katie Baylis said: “We haven’t seen too much betting on this market for a while, but tonight all of a sudden we have seen a flurry of betting activity on the baby to a girl. So much so that we’ve had to suspend the market and stop taking bets on the sex of the baby.

Prince Charles birthday portrait

“If the punters are anything to go by, then we could have a new Princess in a couple of months’ time.”

In the latest betting odds from Ladbrokes, three girls names have been topping the list for a while: Diana, Victoria and Alice.

For a boy, the lowest odds are on Arthur, followed by James. Arthur was a name also considered considered by William and Kate.

The future parents have both expressed their excitement at welcoming their first child. And many times both of them have shown what naturals they are with babies and kids.

Meghan has also spoken fondly of her husband: “He’s going to make a fantastic father” and later: “He’s going to be a good daddy” at the Endeavour Fund Awards in February.

Actually the whole family is excited for baby Sussex.

On a trip to Leicester, Kate, spoke of how George, Charlotte and Louis would enjoy having a cousin.

harry meghan queen

“It’s such a special time to have more kiddies. And a cousin for George and Charlotte and Louis, so it will be really special.”

The Queen also spoke of looking forward to having another great-grandchild during her Christmas Day message saying: “Closer to home, it’s been a busy year for my family, with two weddings and two babies, and another child expected soon.”

“It helps to keep a grandmother well occupied.”

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