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Britons Want Prince William To Be King When Queen’s Reign Ends

In a recent poll, it has been revealed that a majority of the public wants the Crown to bypass Prince Charles and instead be handed to Prince William when the Queen’s reign ends.

The Duke of Cambridge has quite the substantial lead, with him having 47% of the votes compared to his father’s 27%. And it seems that 20% might only grow with time as all the attempts by Prince Charles to correct his public image over the past two decades have resulted in minimal improvements.

Some even want Prince Harry to become king over his father and brother, with those voters predominantly belonging to the 18 to 24-year-old range. But that is unlikely as 51% believe that Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have damaged the reputation of the monarchy.

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The poll was made by Deltapoll, interviewing around 1,600 adults between March 31st and April 1st. The data, weighted to be representative of the British adult population as a whole, came as a shock to the royal family, as they have tirelessly worked on all kinds of PR campaigns for Charles after his divorce to Princess Diana back in 1996 and how they handled her tragic death one year later.

Only around 40% believe that the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth, who turns 95 this April, should remain in her position until she dies.

Some 20% believe that she should abdicate in good health, while 27% believe that Britain’s longest-serving monarch should choose to abdicate if her health fails.

If the public were to decide who should succeed her, William comes out on top with a huge lead, with his father Prince Charles coming second. The millennial population-people aged between 25-40-prefer Prince Harry almost twice as much when compared to Prince Charles.

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The youngest population, from 18 to 24, also see Prince Harry as the most popular choice, beating his brother William by one per cent, his 23 to William’s 22.

An interesting, yet controversial take that the people have is that they would rather see scandalous Prince Andrew on the throne instead of his younger brother Edward.

Prince Andrew was forced to resign from his official duties back in 2019 after taking part in a BBC Newsnight interview exposing his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted paedophile who totally committed suicide not soon after.

Prince Charles William and Kate

Harry and Meghan are somewhat in-between opinions, with them leaving the royal family and giving that infamous Oprah Winfrey interview not long ago splitting the public, with some supporting them even more, while others think they tarnished the royal family’s reputation.

In the interview the couple accuses the royal family of putting Meghan through a lot, refusing to give her help or support, and even questioning what will the baby’s skin colour be when he is born.

And it seems the interview has done its thing, with 58% of the people believing that the two should be stripped of their royal titles, compared to the 23% against. Some 31% of those polled believe that the actions of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made no difference for the reputation of the monarch, while 9% believe they actually improved it, I mean…what?

Generationally, two-thirds of baby boomers believe that their actions only brought damage to the royal family, compared to only 2 in 5 millennials thinking the same thing.

Graham Smith, CEO of anti-monarchy group Republic, said: “No matter what the polls say Charles will be king.

“Yet this poll tells us people no longer care about the hereditary system, they want a choice.

“The huge gulf between generations underscores how disconnected the royals are from modern attitudes.

But many would do well to recognise the enormous contribution to society, not just at home but all over the world, made by the Prince of Wales.”

While millennials are quick to praise William and Harry for their work for the environment, they seem to ignore or not know that Prince Charles has been doing the same thing much longer than the two brothers combined, with him recently celebrating 50 years of campaigning for a better world.

It seems that the main clash between generations comes concerning Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family, with much of the younger generation supporting their decision.

With all these scandals and tough times for the royal family, it just proves that the Crown itself and the royal family should evolve with the times because in these fast-changing times it won’t take long for them to become obsolete.

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