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Could This Photo Be A Proof That Princess Charlotte Is Left-Handed?

Many members of the British royal family have historically been left-handed, including Queen Victoria. While the differences between left and right-handed people can be overstated, it’s still intriguing to learn which hand someone uses most often, particularly if we are talking about someone famous who is constantly in the public eye.

So we wonder, is Princess Charlotte right or left-handed?

Princess Charlotte appears to have inherited not only her father’s looks but his famous left hand too. And we might have the proof!

On 15th December, the Princess of Wales hosted a Christmas carol concert, Together at Christmas, which aired on ITV on Christmas Eve.

At the service, she was joined by her biggest support Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as other member of the royal family.

The well-behaved children were spotted holding a candle as they sang the carols and hymns chosen for the event. Having in mind you would hold the candle with your dominant hand that would make Princess Charlotte a left-handed, as we can see in the photo.

Could This Photo Be A Proof That Princess Charlotte Is Left-Handed?

Princess Charlotte stole the hearts of royal fans in one particular moment of the carol service, as the seven-year-old’s face lit up during the Paddington Bear tribute to the late Queen.

Britain’s future king Prince William is famously a leftie and has been seen on a number of occasions.

William has even joked in the past about it, stating that “left-handers have better brains” than right-handers.

Prince George is left-handed, according to numerous reports. However, the oldest child of William and Kate appears to have a dominant right hand in several pictures.

The Queen’s father, King George VI, was also frequently seen playing tennis with his left hand.

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