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The Different Name Princess Charlotte Goes By At School

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always tried to give their children a ‘normal’ upbringing as much as they can, so that means no special treatment or royal titles when their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, go to school.

Princess Charlotte joined her brother Prince George at St Thomas’s Battersea back in 2019, officially starting big boy school. Now she is in Year 1, while her brother George is in Year 3. With each year their classes become more advanced and they get the chance to take on more activities.

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

And when it comes to school, Prince William and Kate Middleton have a certain rule for their kids. Princess Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, with her royal title being Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, as she is fourth in line to the throne.

Seeing that an HRH title isn’t quite fitting for a six-year-old, and she will have lots of time to use it in the future, Princess Charlotte has a different name than she is known at school by.

Just like her father William and uncle Harry, who took the surname Wales from their dad’s title as they were growing up, Kate and William have done the same for their three children, with George, Charlotte and Louis all using Cambridge.

So at school the royal trio are known as George Cambridge, Charlotte Cambridge and Louis Cambridge.

Both George and Charlotte are pupils at Thomas’s Battersea, a private school close to their London home, Kensington Palace, which costs around £18,195 a year per student.

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

The youngest, Prince Louis, just started nursery at Willcocks Nursery, located just down the road from their London home, so we will have to wait till we see all three Cambridge children dropped off at the same school.

The nursery is one of the highest-rated in London, with its ethos being to aim for high standards, excellence and good manners, with its website stating: “The most important aspect of the school is that the children are happy.

“We feel that it is extremely important for children to enjoy their first experience of school life and that they are prepared for what comes next.

“By nurturing inquisitive minds and fostering a love of learning the children are encouraged and supported as they develop key skills that prepare them for the next stage of their developmental journey.”

The children look satisfied with the primary school, and it seems that Prince William and Kate are also enjoying it, as they are regularly seen on the school run and Prince William even goes to post drop-off workouts with the other parents nearby Chelsea Harbour Club gym.

The staff focus on kindness, teamwork and independence while following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The nursery has an “outstanding” rating from Ofsted, and we can see why.


But with quality comes a pretty big check. The nursery is split into morning and afternoon school, with morning school costing £2,250 a term while the afternoon is £2,250 a term. If the parents want their children to attend for a full day, they will have to fork out £16,950 a year.

But Prince William and Kate would do anything for their kids, and providing them with the best education possible is one of their top priorities. And it’s going great, as both children and parents seem to be satisfied.

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