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Duchess Kate Is Giving Her Children Home Haircuts During Lockdown

Is there anything this woman can’t do? According to the newest reports, Duchess Kate is secret scissors whiz too.

As the Cambridge family has been in isolation at their Norfolk residence, Anmer Hall, for a few months, just like the rest of us, mom Kate has been trimming the children’s hair herself.

A source told Fabulous: “Kate would certainly trim George and Charlotte’s hair as she is very competent and they are used to home haircuts.

William, Kate And The Children Join UK To Thank NHS Workers
Prince William and Kate joined by their children clap for carers

“Carole Middleton taught both Kate and sister Pippa how to cook and cut children’s hair. To them, it is no big deal. 

“Spanish Norland Nanny Maria Borrallo is on hand too, one of her skills is cutting children’s hair.

“George’s is easy. Charlotte likes her hair off her face and so it’s long enough for a mini ponytail. They both have easy hair to cut.”

Usually, it’s Richard Ward, Kate’s hairstylist, who takes care of the children’s hair. He even left his professional kit with the Cambridges so that they have the correct tools handy. 

The source added: “Kate is able to trim all the children’s hair because she has this professional kit at home, including scissors, from Richard.” 

The source has also revealed that nanny Maria has been helping the Duchess with her hair.

George Charlotte Louis clap for NHS workers
George, Charlotte and Louis clap for NHS workers

They explained: “Kate would get Maria to do her hair during the lockdown. But it has only had a little trim so far. 

“Kate does use a home colour on it from Richard. 

“She would normally be given products from his salon between her appointments with him but for this lockdown ‘the package was rather larger than usual’.”

According to Louise Heren, Norland expert, explains that haircutting isn’t included in the Norland Nanny training. But, if those skills are required by the families, the nannies can be trained.

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