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Duchess Kate Just Hosted Her First Roundtable With U.K. Politicians

The Duchess of Cambridge recently hosted her first roundtable with UK politicians on an issue close to her heart.

Urging that there is always “more we can all do” to prioritize the well-being of children, Kate once again championed early childhood development, either “by investing in the adults around them” or directly helping children.

The Duchess hosted some high-profile guests, including Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Minister for Families Will Quince and officials from the Health and Social Care and Education departments for the meeting at the Royal Institution.

Focusing on findings by the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, that the Duchess launched last year, which showed that 90% of people agree that early years are important in shaping lives, but less than 20% recognize the first five years as part of that group.

The topic of early childhood development is sure to dominate much of Kate’s public work, and her foundation which she shares with her husband Prince William is a sign of her long-term commitment.

Kate shared her thoughts in a statement: “Our experiences in early childhood fundamentally impact our whole life and set the foundation for how we go on to thrive as individuals, with one another, as a community and as a society.”

“The findings published today present us with a huge opportunity and demonstrate there is a real appetite from the public to bring this issue up on all of our agendas. There is more we can all do — every member of society can play a key role, whether that is directly with a child or by investing in the adults around them — the parents, the carers, the early year’s workforce and more,” continued the Duchess.

“If we come together to raise the importance of early childhood development, we’ll soon see that healthy, happy individuals make for a healthier, happier world, which is why every second we spend with a child, is an investment in our collective future.”

Ipsos UK’s research, following the Duchess’s successful survey “5 Questions on the Under-Fives” two years ago, found that 70% of the public believe, much like the Duchess, that early years should be more of a priority across society a majority recognize that childhood experience affects mental wellbeing.

“Although the majority of us agree that the experiences people have in childhood can have a significant impact on their future, a minority of Britons recognize the unique importance of the first five years of a child’s life,” said the chief executive of the polling company Ipsos UK, Kelly Beaver.

“These formative years are crucial in the emotional, social and physical development of every child and this critical new research, for The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, provides the opportunity for society to ignite a discussion about how parents and children can be better supported during this period.”

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