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Duchess Kate Reveals New Role In Personal Video

Kensington Palace confirmed this Thursday that Duchess Kate has become the royal patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, a UK charity that acts as an umbrella organization for over 100 smaller organizations that ensure women and families affected by perinatal mental health challenges have access to high quality and comprehensive care and support.

During a video message, released in light of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, the Duchess said: “We all know that pregnancy, childbirth and the first months and years of a child’s life can be hugely demanding. Parents often feel lonely and overwhelmed by these early years. Around 20% of women in the U.K. are reported to experience perinatal mental illness. Sadly, we also know that many more are suffering in silence.”

Before continuing on to say: “No one is immune to experiencing anxiety and depression during this time. It is crucial, therefore, that all those who might be struggling are given the right support at the right time, so that they’re able to share these feelings without fear of judgment and can access the information, care and support they need to recover.”

Kate stated that she was “extremely proud” to become a patron of the organization.

“There is plenty more to be done. And it’s down to each and every one of us to support parents and carers, and all those who are raising children today,” said the Duchess. “Because by ensuring that the next generation of children can thrive, we can help to build a stronger, healthier and more nurturing society which benefits us all.”

The new patronage is in line with Kate’s ongoing commitment to bettering mental health and raising awareness of the importance of early childhood development.

Just last week the Duchess, along with Princess Anne, visited the London HQ of the College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists – their respective patronages.

During their visit, the royal women joined a roundtable discussion with experts and new moms about the actions being undertaken to tackle inequalities in maternity care.

The President of The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists spoke on their visit, saying: “What struck me was the way their Royal Highnesses were both interested and very curious about what we were doing and asked very personal questions — very much about looking after future generations and looking after mothers of today for the benefit of women and children of tomorrow.”

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