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Duchess Kate’s First Birthday Gift Revealed

On Thursday, 9th January, Kate Middleton will be celebrating her 38th birthday, no doubt surrounded by her loving family and her husband Prince William. And she has already started getting a gift, the first one being from the animal rights organization PETA, a stunning handbag made by their standards.

The handbag is part of the eco-fashion brand Ashoka-one of the winners of the 2019 PETA Fashion Awards. The gift follows the launch of the Earth shot Prize; an initiative by William and Kate, whose goal is to encourage finding solutions to the climate crisis – something with which the animal-leather industry is a big contributor too.

The Palace Released New Photo Of Kate To Mark Her 38th Birthday

This bag, in particular, is made from apple leather-an eco-friendly, 100 per cent vegan material made from apple skins. This clever fabric is created by recycling food waste, and with that has a much lower environmental impact than animal leather. PETA Director Elisa Allen explained: “Vegan accessories in materials like apple leather are kinder to the planet and animals. PETA hopes the gift will encourage the Duchess to make conscious, animal-friendly choices in her wardrobe โ€“ and her many admirers to do the same.”

The bag has a simplistic design, having three interior compartments, two pockets and the inner liner of the bag is also made from recycled material-plastic bottles in this case. And you can also have it, with the modest price of 204 pounds.

Duchess Kate's First Birthday Gift Revealed

This isn’t the first time that animal rights activist groups have sent the royal family gifts. In the past, they gifted the Duchess a vegan wool coat, as well as a wool-free cardigan for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby son Archie. They also sent a pair of faux-leather shoes to the former Prime Minister Theresa May.

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