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Elton John Revealed The “Very Rare Gift” Harry Shares With Princess Diana


Since announcing Princes Diana and Prince Charles’s engagement, Diana gained huge popularity among the royal fans. With her deeds, she won the hearts of many people. Princess Diana was also a good friend with the famous singer Elton John, who recently revealed that Prince Harry shares a “very rare gift” with his late mother. Elton John refers to it as “wonderful” thing, and the prince is making the best use of it.

According to reports, Elton John shared to Hello! magazine that Prince Harry inherited a special talent from Princess Diana. And that is ‘the way he connects with the people.’

“People love (Harry). He’s young, and he’s got his mother’s ability to talk to people and make people feel at ease. Make them feel loved. Make them feel important, and that’s a wonderful gift to have. It’s a very rare gift. He’s inherited it from his mother, and he’s using it to good use,” John shared.

Prince Harry and Elton John have been collaborating with HIV and AIDS charities for many years. They met recently, while the documentary Diana, Our Mother, was being filmed in honor of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

Elton and Harry met at London Lighthouse AIDS Center where they had a chance to talk about Diana’s work that broke down boundaries with the stigmas about the disease. Then the “Candle In The Wind” singer remembered the times when Diana was alive when AIDS was considered a gay disease, and for a royal to care about it cause was “an incredible gift.”

They also took time to look through old photos of Diana’s visits to the AIDS charity. According to Elton, Princess Diana was glowing in every picture. He especially admires her ability to make people feel like everything was going to be okay. The singer explained that everything that Diana had to do was just to walk into a room and people felt instantly that everything is alright.

People Magazine reports that, at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey’s Field of Remembrance for Britain’s fallen soldiers, Prince Harry talked about Princess Diana and revealed that everything she did has a big impact on him and he will always admire her.

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