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For This Shocking Reason Meghan Brings Out Prince Charles ‘Playful Side’

There is one shocking reason, why and how Meghan brought out father-in-law Charles’ playful side. It happened during the Trooping the Colour on June 9.

Judi James, a body language expert, talked about this. According to her, Prince Charles was more drawn to Meghan and Harry instead of Kate and William. But apparently, the reason for that was the American’s use of “great flattering body language”.

Judi revealed: “Technically, Charles would be standing in the front row on the balcony, alongside the Queen and close to Kate and William, and that is where he finally placed himself once the ceremony began.

“But it is clear from photos that he seemed drawn towards his youngest son and his new wife when it came to having a chat and a laugh.

prince charles and meghan markle

She also told Bustle: “There are clearly strong bonds of affection between Charles and Kate, but Harry and his wife do seem to bring out the heir to the throne’s more playful side.”

James also explained that the signals that Meghan uses “boost the ego” the people she’s having a conversation with. And this may be the reason why the Duke of Cornwall was more drawn to her.

Judi added: “Meghan uses some great flattering body language signals to boost the ego of the people she’s talking or listening to, and the smile and raised a hand here does seem to be putting Charles into raconteur mode.”

As you can see Prince Charles posture, it displays that he enjoys Harry and Meghan’s company, according to Judi.

She went on: “His posture here is a signature look when he’s making people laugh, suggesting he really enjoys the fun company of the newlyweds.”

Trooping the Colour

And you must have noticed that he turned to them a couple of times during the flyover.

The Duchess of Sussex was also captured with her hand on her face as she chuckles. Apparently, it shows that she was enjoying the company of her father-in-law.

Kensington Palace released an announcement in which they confirm where the Duke and Duchess will travel for their first official overseas trip. This will be the first royal trip for the couple after their wedding in May, and the trip will include visits to Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand in October.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first royal tour will mirror that of Harry’s parents. Prince Charles and Princess Diana, whose first royal tour was to Australia and New Zealand in 1983.

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