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George, Charlotte And Louis Made Cards For Granny Diana To Mark Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! To mark Mother’s Day, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis made home-made cards addressed to their ‘Granny Diana’.

The sweet card were realeased by Prince William and Kate on their social media accounts with a sweet message encouraging those struggling with bereavement.

Prince William and Kate wrote on Twitter: “This year Mother’s Day will be different once again.

“Many of us will be apart from our loved ones, but looking forward to a time in the not too distant future when we can give our mother a hug again. (1/2)

“But for those experiencing bereavement, today may be particularly challenging.

“Each year on Mother’s Day, George, Charlotte and Louis make cards remembering their Granny, Diana, for William.

“Whatever your circumstances, we are thinking of you this Mother’s Day Bouquet (2/2)”

Princess Charlotte’s letter reads: “Dear Granny Diana. I am thinking of you on Mother’s Day. I love you very much. Papa is missing you.
She signed off the letter with: “Lots of love Charlotte!” followed by kisses.

Prince George wrote: “Dear Granny Diana, Happy Happy mother’s day. I love you very much and think of you always. Sending lots of love from George.

The post also includes art made by George. The young Prince drew a sunny scene with a large tree and red flowers as well as birds flying through the sky.

Little Prince Louis simply created a beautiful, colorfull heart for his grandma Diana. And wrote his name.

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