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Grandpa Charles Holds Grandson Louis’ Little Hands In A New Photo

The lovely photo of Prince Charles and his third grandchild was included in a BBC documentary Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70. The documentary celebrates Charles’s 70th birthday.

The photo of the doting grandpa and Prince Louis was taken in the garden of Clarence House in September. It shows Prince Charles holding his grandson’s little hand.

Little Louis is being held in Mom Catherine’s arms, who is dressed in a blue and white polka dot dress.

This was one of the photos of Prince Charles that Clarence House offered to the makers of the BBC documentary to illustrate his love for his family.

prince louis

“The cute moment was just one of the many intimate events filmed by the crew of film-maker John Bridcut, who gained a unique insight of the prince’s life, personality and affection following him around for 12 months,” reports The Express.

The other photo shows Charles swinging around one of Camilla’s grandchildren in the grounds of Birkhall, the Jacobean hunting lodge near Balmoral.

The new BBC documentary and these photos shed a new light on Charles. According to Camilla her grandchildren adored him.

prince charles She talked about what Charles enjoys doing with his grandchildren. She explained: “He will get down on his knees and crawl about with them for hours, you know making funny noises and laughing and my grandchildren adore him, absolutely adore him. 

“He reads Harry Potter and he can do all the different voices and I think children really appreciate that.”

During the programme, Prince William scolded his father for working too much and because he doesn’t see his grandkids often enough. 

charles george charlotte

“I think he does have time for it, but I would like him to have more time with the children.

“I think he’s… now he’s reached his 70th year it’s a perfect time to consolidate a little bit cause as most families would do, you are worried about having them around and making sure their health’s okay, and he’s the fittest man I know but equally I want him to be fit until he’s 95 you know going on. 

“So, having more time with him at home would be lovely, and being able to you know play around, err, with the grandchildren. Cause when he’s there, he’s brilliant. But we need him there as much as possible.”

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