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Grenadier Guards Say They ‘Want Kate Middleton To Replace Prince Andrew As Colonel’

As Prince Andrew was relieved of his military titles amid allegations of sexual assault the Grenadier Guards have been left without a permanent colonel, the Queen has taken the role temporarily.

However, recent reports have singled out a particular candidate for the position saying that the Grenadier Guards want the Duchess of Cambridge as their new colonel.

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Sources say that senior officials from the regiment recently stated that they want the wife of future King, Prince William to represent them. She would become only the second woman to be appointed colonel of the Guard in 366 years.

An insider told the Sunday Times: ‘From straw polling through the ranks, they would all love it to be Kate.

‘We all admire the way she has fitted in and behaved, she never seems to put a foot wrong.

‘Everything she has taken on she really commits to, and we want someone who will really engage with us.’

However, Kensington has declined to comment on the matter.

After having taken over as colonel from Prince Philip, who served in the position for 42 years, Andrew was stripped of his titles after allegations came out of sexual assault, he denies the charges but is set to face them as a private citizen.

Grenadier Guard insiders hope that Kate will be appointed to represent them, they also hope her service will be closer in length to that of Prince Philip, rather than Andrew.

The decision to appoint the Duchess would be taken by the Queen and the Guard, however, as of the time of writing no decision has been made, a military source states: ‘The name of the new colonel was due to have been announced on Monday, and it wasn’t the Duchess of Cambridge. ‘That it wasn’t announced… means they’ve been thinking about it again.

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