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Here’s A Simple Recipe How To Make Kate Middleton Favorite Spicy Curry

Considering the situation the world is in at the moment, lots of people are finding new ways of entertaining themselves while stuck in quarantine, and maybe even pick up a new skill as well. People are using this time to take up cooking and try out more experimental dishes. Kate Middleton, despite being a royal, was already an accomplished cook, cooking for her family as often as she can. One of her favourite dishes to prepare is a plate of spicy curry.


The Duchess of Cambridge has stated multiple times how she loves the popular Indian dish, saying that she has it as her go-to takeout food and also loves to cook it at home. It was one of her favourite dishes during her pregnancies, where she enjoyed a homemade vegetable curry dish made by close friends.

While being on an interview with BBC Radio One, Kate talked about how she was a big fan of spice food. Prince William, on the other hand, was not the biggest lover of spicy meals. In fact, he “struggles” with it. The Duke of Cambridge confirmed this by saying that he’s “not so good with spicy food”.

Often times, when royals are in a mood for something spicy, they order curry takeout. Yes, even royals do it, but the food isn’t directly delivered to the palace. Prince William revealed that they usually have someone go pick up the food.

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When it comes to cooking curry themselves, Kate loves to make it when they are expecting guests and getting their opinions on it and maybe sharing recipes.

So how do they rate her cooking? If you ask Prince William, he doesn’t seem that pleased. During a dinner out with some chefs, Kate admitted that the Prince has to “put up with her cooking most of the time”. The Duke jokingly said that it was the cooking that was “the reason for being skinny”.

We are sure that the Duchess’ cooking is great, it’s just that Prince William is so used to that bland British food, that this scares him.

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