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The Three Qualities That Make Princess Charlotte The Perfect Princess

With her regal wave and cheeky personality, Princess Charlotte has captured the heart of the nation. She is everything we expect from a modern royal.

The young Princess celebrated her fifth birthday on May 2. To mark her big day, her proud parents released series of portraits of her taken by mom Kate. They were taken as William and Kate’s only girl was helping pack up and deliver food packages for isolated pensioners near their country home Anmer Hall.

But there was one particular photo which shows Princess Charlotte looking straight at the camera for a powerful new portrait.

New Photos Of Princess Charlotte Released To Mark Her 5th Birthday

After analyzing the birthday photos, Alison Ward, body language expert, told “Princess Charlotte is clearly a girl with a strong presence.

“That first picture says ‘look at me’. Not in a showy off way but as if to say ‘this is me, I am strong’. She looks relaxed, yet confident in these pics.

“She exudes confidence and true princess qualities of grace, honour and presence.

“The second picture illustrates Charlotte has a warm, nurturing side to her, but don’t mess with her. Charlotte won’t let that happen. She is a strong Taurean bull and won’t be moved when she has an opinion…until she is ready to be moved and it’s ‘her idea’.

“What a blessing to the royal family she is.”

Princess Charlotte stole the show too, when she and her family made a surprise appearance on the Anmer Hall’s doorstep to clap for the NHS. In the video, confident Charlotte proudly stepped out in front of the cameras and started the applause.

William, Kate And The Children Join UK To Thank NHS Workers
Prince William and Kate joined by their children clap for carers

Alison said: “The royal couple are clearly teaching her (Charlotte) the importance of following a job through and doing it well to be of service to the nation.”

 “Princess Charlotte looks behind her to check her at one point to check her family are all doing a good job of clapping and following her lead.”

 “Charlotte is being brought up to be a strong, assertive woman for sure.”

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