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Jennifer Aniston Supported Brad Pitt Through Angelina Jolie Divorce! Are They Back Together?

Brad Pitt following his separation from Angelina Jolie and their soon to be official divorce, has gotten nothing but unwavering support and love from his ex-wife, Jenifer Aniston, who stated that she is will be by his side until he gets back on his feet.

Apparently, as reported by The Stir, Brad and Jolie are in the final stages of their divorce, as the actress has already filed the papers needed for that. But it seems Brad cant come to terms with that.

Over the last couple of months, reports have been circulating that Pitt didn’t want to go through with the divorce with hopes that he could change his ways and make things right to his wife and six children.

As we had previously found out, Brad Pitt has been battling his addiction to alcohol for several years now, which the actor admitted on  GQ.

The actor said that the addiction put a strain on their relationship, which grew bigger with time, culminating with Jolie finally stepping away and buying a new house.

At the moment, after all these years and one apology later, it seems that Brad and Jennifer Aniston getting back in touch with, and Jennifer has been supportive of her ex-husband and hopes to ease through what he is going through.

Jennifer has said that Brad Pitt has been immensely taken aback by the whole divorce and that she has been made herself available at any time – even if the reason is only that he wants to speak to her about something.

According to some sources, in a recent conversation, that Brad Pitt had with Jennifer, he realized how much of a mistake it was leaving Jennifer and ending their marriage to continue with Jolie.

It is not the case that he wants her back, as he is fully aware that she is happily married to Justin Theroux, but it seems that the regret of ending their marriage is stronger than ever at the moment.

Brad Pitt is grateful and respects what Aniston is doing, being available to him at all times and giving him the time of day to help him with the process of finalizing his divorce once and for all.

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