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Kate Is Officially Back From Maternity Leave

The Duchess of Cambridge is back!

Kate has officially returned from maternity leave with her first solo engagement 5 months after giving birth to Prince Louis in April.

On Monday, she visited Paddington Recreation Ground for an appearance with the Sayers Croft Trust Forest School. There she met with local school children who were taking part in different activities.

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Kate dressed casually for the outdoor event. She wore a green waterproof jacket, a green jumper, white shirt by brand Joseph, Penelope Chilvers knee-high boots and khaki brown jeans.

Middleton’s last working event was at the end of March. She went on maternity leave a month before Louis was born. Her last engagement was attending the Commonwealth Games in London with William.

Now, the mother of three joined in on a school session and heard from instructors and teachers about how being around nature can help children’s mental health and development. And you already know that she is passionate about mental health.

The Duchess of Cambridge toured the Wildlife Garden. It is consisted of an edible garden area and a forest garden.

Kate was greeted by school children. They were happy to see her and couldn’t stop showering her with hugs.

When she asked them what was their favourite thing about the wildlife, they revealed: “Eating.” They really made the Duchess laugh.

Kate and the children participated in various activities like in a ‘mini beast’ hunt, they were actually searching for bugs with one pupil and planted pea seeds with another, she helped them fill up their watering cans and make leaf crowns.

Although she had been on maternity leave, Kate has attended several events like Trooping the Colour, Prince Louis’ Christening, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.

She also attended the  Wimbledon tennis tournament with Meghan and William.

While we still don’t have exact information about the rest of her schedule, Kate is set to have a busy autumn.

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