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Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Has Caused A Controversy And It’s All Because Of Princess Diana

It is a known fact that the ring Prince William used to propose to Kate Middleton was his mother’s engagement ring from Prince Charles. However, recently it has been revealed that Princess Diana’s engagement ring caused quite the controversy with the royal family when she first got it.

According to The Daily Mail, the 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire was not the most popular with the Royals for one particular reason. Even though the ring was made of a white gold band and 14 solitaire diamonds, the ring wasn’t made exclusively for Diana. In the report, they say “crown jeweller Garrard featured the piece in its catalogue,” the ring was available for anyone to buy, if they had a spare $60,000 lying around, that is. The fact that any “commoner” could technically buy the exact same ring didn’t sit well with the Royal family and was looked down upon.

princes diana engagement ring

According to multiple sources, apparently, Princess Diana herself chose the ring, making it even more special now that the Duchess of Cambridge has been given it. But at the time the ring didn’t hold much significance until Diana’s tragic death in 1997.

kate middleton engagement ring

During an official engagement interview with Prince William back in 2010, Kate Middleton revealed that she was overjoyed that he proposed to her with Diana’s beloved ring.   She said in the interview, “It’s beautiful–I hope I look after it! It’s very special.”

And Kate Middleton looks gorgeous with the ring, and of course, that is a perfect tribute to Princess Diana.

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