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Kate Uses This Trick To Ensure She Never Looks Awkward

An expert in etiquette has revealed how Kate uses her custom way of holding her handbag to avoid looking awkward at events.

Myka Meier, an etiquette expert, explains how the Duchess of Cambridge uses this posture trick to keep her hands occupied during certain moments in engagements.

Kate, being the fashion icon that she is, oftentimes finishes off her stylish looks with a small clutch bag-and now we know that it also has another use. In a video posted on Instagram, Myka noted that Kate often holds her stylish clutch bag with two hands positioned at the front of the body.

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According to Myka, “This pose is great for you to use, especially if you’re nervous because it gives you something to do with your hands.

“This is Kate’s go-to pose whenever she’s carrying a clutch and walking or speaking to others.”

The ‘Cambridge Carry’ is a great go-to pose for people that don’t know what to do with their hands-it’s so great that it can be done both standing and sitting.

Going more in-depth, Myka explains how to do Kate’s favourite move the right way. “When you’re walking, make sure your shoulders are rolled back and your clutch is being carried in front of you.

“When you’re standing, make sure your toes are pointed forward and together make sure your hands are together, and your fingers are facing down and together.

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“When practicing this pose, make sure you don’t hold your clutch with one hand – two hands is key.”

As Myka explains, the pose is best executed when done with both hands, as holding the clutch with only one hand can make your arm look tense. She also noted that despite it feeling more comfortable, you definitely shouldn’t stick your clutch bag under one arm.

With this one small tip you will look more like royalty, without any effort or real crowns.

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