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The One Thing Kate Loves To Tease Prince William About

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the picture-perfect royal couple. The image they have is of stability, mutual trust, love and sometimes playfulness. The two don’t shy away from teasing each other in public, especially during sports engagements. However, it seems that Kate has one thing in particular that Kate loves teasing her husband William about-his hair.

Clara Amfo, the BBC Radio 1 star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant while attending the Prince’s Trust Awards last year talked about her meeting with William and Kate in 2018.

“Kate had no qualms making fun of William’s hair situation,” Clara revealed. “And he took that. There was a lot of banter around that, it was very funny!”

The presenter added: “Prince William is the most fun royal that I’ve met. He’s got a lot of banter actually. He’s a very funny guy. And the banter between him and Kate โ€“ his and Kate’s energy is really funny. They vibe off each other very well. They were like a really loving, comedy act.”

Clara was also invited to meet the royals at their home in London, at Kensington Palace, for a BBC Radio 1 Teen Heroes event. “Kensington Palace is a palace, it’s not even a house,” Clara enthused. “It takes your breath away when you go in. They gave us lovely snacks, the snacks were fantastic, we were treated very, very well.

There were beautiful pictures up of all the kids, William and Kate, Meghan and Harry. It was just a really beautiful family home.” When asked whether there were signs of three children running around e.g. toys everywhere she said: “None of that,” said Clara. “It is a very well-kept home!”

William And Kate Host Buckingham Palace Reception

When she spoke to HELLO! about her meeting with the royals, Clara said: “It’s always a little bit nerve-wracking, but I think the great thing about them is that once you start talking to them, you quickly realise that they’re just like you and me.

“I mean obviously, you know, bigger houses and relatives on currency, but they’re just really cool people, and they’re really passionate, especially about people in the UK.”

It was revealed earlier this week that Clara would be part of the 2020 celebrity line-up of Strictly Come Dancing as its fifth contestant. This reveal came during an appearance on Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James. “As we know this year has been a real challenge and escapism through dancing is something I know we all enjoy, so to be taught by a pro and live a fantasy is something that I can’t wait to fully embrace, see you on the dancefloor!” she said.

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