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Like Uncle Like Nephew: Harry Copies George’s Sweet Gesture To Celebrate Meghan’s Success

This week, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle welcomed the women behind Meghan’s new cookbook to Kensington Palace, and during the occasions, Harry just couldn’t help but look filled with pride for his wife. In fact, there are photographs of the Prince making a series of doting poses, including one pose that he stole from his young nephew Prince George.

The young prince also made that pose while having fun in a helicopter in Germany. Both royals clasp their hands together while looking super cute with a huge smile across their faces, showing the pure happiness they have in that very special moment. Harry was glowing with pride and happiness for his wife, while Prince George was just overjoyed by the fact that he was standing in a real helicopter. Isn’t that the purest and sweetest thing? The uncle and nephew both look adorable when they pull the identical pose.

Prince Harry looked so excited

This was Meghan Markle’s first ever project as a member of the Royal Family. At the launch of her new recipe book called Together: Our Community Kitchen, there to her support were Prince Harry and her mother Doria Ragland. The cookbook was made by the female survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The way Harry looked at Meghan was wonderful after the Duchess of Sussex was done with her three-minute speech in which she thanked all the women involved in the project. Meghan also proved to be a skillful cook, flipping chapatis and turning koftas on a grill, while Harry and Doria watched on. Doria embraced each of the women with a warm hug, telling them: “It’s amazing. I’m just as excited as you are.”

Prince George

Harry looked quite pleased with both the event and the food, as he was seen pinching some food to take home with him. The Duke of Sussex was spotted taking some samosas in a video shared on Twitter by ITV journalist Chris Ship, then promptly hiding them behind his back when he started chatting to a group outside Kensington Palace.

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