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Meghan Markle Revealed A Secret About Her To A Little Girl

On Thursday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Cardiff on their first official visit to Wales. During their visit, Meghan Markle comforted a little girl who became overwhelmed during the royal couple’s visit. Markle calmed the girl by revealing her that she was shy too when she was younger.

The American actress, soon to be married to Prince Harry, held the hand of six-year-old Eloise’s after she had left a performance in tears. Markle shared a little secret with her, telling her: “I used to be shy too.”

Prince Harry also didn’t hesitate and joined Meghan to see if the little girl Eloise was alright. And before the royal couple returned to the rest of the kids he shook Eloise’s hand.

Meghan Markle visited Cardiff on their first official visit to Wales

Lewis Rees-Wilkins, who runs a girls’ gym class and helps with the youth club, shared: “It was great for the community to have them here. For everyone to see that the center is important to get children into the sport because there’s not much around here. It is tempting for children to just be out on the streets so if we can offer free classes it can get them involved.”


“They were really chilled and happy to get involved — they really enjoyed speaking with the kids. That was what they were here for — to see what the kids were doing.”

Meghan also played a game of Jenga with the group. The couple ended the day watching the kids street dancing to songs including “Boomerang” and “Despacito.” And Prince Harry also wasn’t shy to show off his dance moves to Despacito.

At the end, the children encouraged by Harry gave Meghan a “group hug.” Laughing at the crowd around his fiancée he joked: “And release” as one child swooped in for one last hug.

The 13-year-old Mary Coffey shared her impressions from Meghan: “She was amazing, so easy to talk to. And so beautiful! There was a glow about her.” The couple also chuckled when one boy shouted out, “Are you married yet?” Another girl told Prince Harry: “I’m going be dancing at your wedding,” to which Harry responded: “You’re going to be dancing at my wedding? Promise!”

Meghan and Harry’s visit to Wales come shortly after their official outings to Nottingham and Brixton in south London. Meghan kept it classy but simple in a black coat by Stella McCartney, trousers by Welsh firm Hiut, and a green tote bag by DeMellier London.


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