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Outlander star Sam Heughan Raises A Million Dollars For Charity

The lead star of the Outlander series, Sam Heughan raises over 1$ million (about AU$1.25 million) in the past three years. All the money will go to charities that have been chosen. For this enormous success, the actor released a new video in which he thanks, everyone that helped achieve this.

Heughan is the founder of the My Peak Challenge, a global movement whose goal is to help people live healthier, happier, and a more balanced life. The money was raised through this initiative.

In the video he released online, Sam wishes everyone a happy new year and welcomes them to another year of My Peak Challenge, which hopefully will be even more successful.

In 2017, the participants of this initiative helped raise $595,406(about AU$745210). With this amount the total sum of all the money raised during these past three years is around $1,002,419(about AU$1254627). โ€œSo proud of everyone and all your achievements,โ€ Heughan wrote. Now, the actor is looking forward to another exciting year.

And if you want to be part of this movement, the period for pre-registration for the year 2018 is now, Heughan has announced. The actual program launches in February. The program lasts 12 months during which they get access to support like nutrition plans and integrated training.

My Peak Challenge is not just an initiative for people to reach their fitness goals. The program can help people achieve any goal, whether it’s a making new friend or writing a novel. The idea is to have a goal and start working towards it. Participants also have an advantage as they can meet people with the same goals and mindsets.

Sam Heughan my peak challenge

Heughan is currently busy with filming the newest season of the insanely popular time-traveling drama series “Outlander.” Each year the actor manages to spare some time to post videos about the initiative, despite his busy schedule. He shares things like him working out in the gym, shares updates about the progress or goals of My Peak Challenge and to inspire fans.

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