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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Can Finally Move To Their Renovated Apartment

After a full year, their renovation worth $1.8 million is finally done for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their Kensington Palace Apartment 1 has 21 rooms and best of all they’ll be neighbors with Prince William and Kate who live in Apartment 1A. The flats even have adjoining doors which means they can visit each other without stepping outside. With the number of rooms, the apartment has it also means that there will be plenty of space for Meghan’s dogs Guy and Oz. At least William and Kate will be glad they no longer have to endure any more noise from the renovations.

Harry and Meghan

Ever since Harry and Meghan got married they’ve been traveling through the UK and went to a couple of secret vacations together. Due to their extremely busy schedule, they had no need for a bigger house and previously lived in a two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage located on the Kensington Palace grounds next door to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank and had no servants. The cute little cottage has a kitchen, two bedrooms, a small living room, and a shared bathroom and also a small garden. But that was just a temporary thing for the couple who are now packing their bags for a new and improved home full of servants, which will be a change for the couple, next to the heir to the throne. The scaffolding has been removed and the couple can finally move in.

harry and meghan

The apartment was previously owned by the Queen’s late cousin Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and his three children who offered it to the couple.

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