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Prince William Has Just Revealed George’s Latest Obsession

The Duke of Cambridge visited Acorns hospice in Selly Oak, Birmingham, on Tuesday. It is almost 3 decades after mom Diana opened the haven for seriously-ill kids in December 1988.

And during his visit, William revealed what his eldest son Prince George is currently obsessed with.

Until now, we know that George is fan of helicopters, his favorite book The Gruffalo.

And today, while a group of children were painting and making dinosaurs, William told one little girl: “George is obsessed with dinosaurs. We’ve been learning all about them.”

Rebecca English, royal reporter, posted a video which features William visiting the Acorns Hospice center in Birmingham.

William left the hospice with a set of wooden dolls made for George Charlotte and Louis, four months. They are crafted by the hospice’s handyman.

But, the Prince received other gifts too.

William visited also the University of Birmingham. While there, he received a special gift for George, Charlotte, and Louis with dinosaurs in mind.

He was gifted 3 copies of a specially-made dinosaur colouring book for his kids.

The coloring book is sketched by artist Julian Kiely, who has volunteered in the Lapworth Museum of Geology. It features dinosaurs and fossils, whales and other creatures.

“We made four especially for today,” sir David Eastwood, vice-chancellor, explained. He handed the copies and revealed William’s answer: “I’ll be the most popular father in the country tonight.”

Baby Louis is still too young, but we are sure that George and Charlotte will adore their gifts.

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Kay Alexander, who is the Acorn’s Hospice President, gave an emotional speech during William’s visit. He talked about Diana and how incredible it had been that she had opened the hospice.

Kay also praised William afterwards, adding: “The fact that he can come round like that and just chat to anyone is the biggest, best thing that could happen to those parents. He is a star.”

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