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Prince William Keeps Promise To Boy Who Lost His Mother

Prince William recently made and kept a promise to a schoolboy from Burnley and it has left royal fans overwhelmed.

Recently during a charity event in Burnley William met with 11-year-old Deacon Glover, who confided in the Duke about his struggles since his mum’s recent death from a drug overdose.

“I lost my mum when I was 15. It’s difficult, but it gets easier, I promise you,” said the prince, comforting the lad.

Prince William and Deacon Glover 1

Little Deacon was wearing a replica Burnley FC shirt embroidered with the name of the team’s goalkeeper Nick Pope during the royal visit, prompting William to ask: “Would you like to see Nick Pope, yeah?” adding that, “We’ll see what we can do.”

The Duke of Cambridge stayed true to his word arranging a meeting between Deacon and the footballer on February 14. Deacon and Nick chatted in the stands of Burnley’s Turf Moor and walked the pitch, of course, the lad also received a signed shirt from the goalkeeper.

The local pastor who helped organize the original meeting with the Duke, Mick Fleming, says: “This is going to be life-changing for Deacon. This will help him to break the cycle of life that’s been around him.

“This was something so special, and I think what the prince has done has given him hope for the future.

Adding that: “It’s phenomenal, what he has done, as it’s not just meeting a footballer, it’s a lot, a lot deeper – it will help him.”

Finishing off by saying: “The prince has followed through with everything he said in the conversation that he had with him. He has honoured it, and that’s amazing.”

Deacon’s great grandmother, Carole Ellis, has like so many of us royal fans been moved to tears, telling the Burnley Express: “It was such a wonderful moment for Deacon and seeing his face when he met Nick Pope was just wonderful. I had a real lump in my throat.

She added: “They had a good chat, Nick was absolutely lovely with him and really encouraging.

The grandmother finished off by saying: “Deacon said he feels rubbish if he lets a couple of goals in and Nick told him the same happened with him at school but he would let in nine or 10. He told Deacon to ignore people who called him and just carry on.”

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