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Prince William Reveals What Princess Charlotte Enjoys Doing

Princess Charlotte could be quite the bookworm! This was revealed by Prince William while awarding the Order of the Champion to Lady Antonia Fraser, a British author. There, he revealed that Princess Charlotte loves reading.

Lady Antonia commented on how the Duke of Cambridge’s kids is “always reading.”

She also said that Prince William is very “sweet and charming” as if we didn’t already know that.

Princess Charlotte

History was one of the Prince’s favorite subjects, so it’s no surprise that he passed on that love of knowledge to his children.

He also mentioned to Lady Antonia that Prince Charles, his father, would “scold” him as a child for not reading enough history.

However, we are certain that Prince William is not scolding his children, but he is encouraging them to get more intelligent through reading – as any parent would do so.

princess charlotte

We do know Charlotte loves reading books, but we don’t know what kind of books she likes to read.

3-year-olds are usually not found enjoying history books, but she is a royal, so that could be a possibility. She has any book she chooses.

She’s a happy person and loves to have fun, so it’s great to hear that she can also relax and enjoy some books.

She’s turning into an excellent little princess.

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