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Prince William Urged To Become Prince Regent! What Does It Mean?

The COVID-91 has impacted people across the globe in an unprecedented way. And if there is one thing that we learnt from it, it’s that no amount of fame, power or money can keep you safe from the virus. Even being a royal.

As soon as the coronavirus pandemic started, royal watchers have been expressing their concerns over Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s health. They have been immediately shifted from the Buckingham Palace in London to Windsor Castle, where they have remained in strict isolation since.

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Fears rose even more after it was announced that Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 in March. Luckily, he recovered after a week in isolation at his home in Scotland.

So, as Britain is facing the coronavirus pandemic, Prince William and Kate have been stepping up their duties as members of the royal family. The couple has been praised for their concerted effort to be the face of the royal family during a time of fear and uncertainty in the U.K.

As both the Queen and Charles are in the high-risk category during the pandemic, people are asking Prince William to step up as Prince Regent.

A recent poll by shows that more than three-quarters of readers surveyed believe that Prince William should step up as Prince Regent for the Queen even though Prince Charles is next in line to the throne.

The survey asked 762 readers “with the Queen and Prince Charles both at high risk due to coronavirus, should Prince William become regent?” And 76% or 577 fans voted “YES”!

But, What Is A Prince Regent?

A Prince Regent is someone who rules a monarchy as its regent instead of being a monarch in itself. If Prince William receives this title, he will carry out the duties of the monarchy, meaning he would be king in all but name.

Britain has had a regency once before in the early 1800s when King George III was unable to carry out his duties because of mental illness. His son, the future George IV, took over the King’s responsibility under the Regency Act.

There is no denying that Prince William has proved to be fit for future King of the United Kingdom. He has exceeded the expectations of the public, as he leads the family and actively supports the government to combat the virus.

However, the Palace still hasn’t given a hint that this may occur anytime soon.

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