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Princess Charlotte Named As ‘Richest’ Young Royal In The World

Before COVID-19 it was estimated by Forbes that the royals bring in more than 19 billion pounds into the UK thanks to their impact on tourism, so it’s no secret that they’re not strapped for cash. But can the young Princess Charlotte be the richest of them all? We’ll find out shortly.

Each of them is photographed and much gossip is had on what they wear. The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge in particular are very well documented, but Princess Charlotte is following in their footsteps and reaping the rewards that come with being a fashion icon.

New Photos Of Princess Charlotte Released To Mark Her 5th Birthday

Editor of True Royalty TV, Nick Bullen, said: “The reality of it is, they are hugely valuable because of the tourism they bring in, the fact that we’re all talking about them the whole time, they are brand Britain.

“They’re a brand that surpasses all other brands. We had a recent survey that found that the Queen herself was the fifth most successful brand in the world.

“The Queen is a huge global brand” he explains.

The Princess specifically has been a rather successful part of the brand with an estimated net worth of £2.7 billion ($3.64 billion).

Research by Electric Ride on Cars says the six-year-old royal has surpassed other famous children, including the like of Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, Kim Kardashian daughter North West and both her brothers, Princes George and Louis, who have been ranked second and third with values of £2.1 billion and £1 billion each.

As we previously said the reason why Princess Charlotte is so far ahead of her siblings is down to her clothes. Much like her mother Kate and Princess Diana before her, the clothes that Princess Charlotte wears tend to sell out in just minutes.

Previously called ‘the Kate effect’ it seems a more appropriate name would be the ‘Charlotte effect’ now.

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