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Princess Charlotte: The Real Star Of The Royal Family

Princess Charlotte just turned 5, but she already has a huge following which will only grow with her.

Princess Charlotte, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second child, just turned five. And as she grows up, she looks more and more like her father Prince William, as well as a hint of her grandmother, the late Princess Diana.

Even at the young, she is at, Princess Charlotte has already become a sort of a royal superstar, with millions of fans cheering her on. And it’s not just the royal status that made her what she is, as even with having to compete with her almost as cute brothers Prince George and Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte has created her own persona, which is parts self-assured, charismatic and with the right dose of cheekiness.


For her birthday, her family shared five photos of her, which were captured by her mother Kate, who time and time again has proved her skills with the camera, ever since she started taking photos of her children. There is something about her pictures that cant is caught by someone else, the childlike and relaxed tone that only a mother can feel and capture. They have done this with each of their children, marking each of their birthdays by sharing photos of the royal on their social media.

Alongside the photographs, it was also revealed that the Cambridge family have been spending the last few weeks making homemade pasta and delivering food parcels to local residents that live near the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

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For over two hours, Prince William, Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte knocked on doors and delivered the packages, all the while respecting the social distancing rules. Many of the residents were surprised to see a royal at their door, and all of them described their interactions with them as wonderful, especially Charlotte. A resident even described the little royal as fearless and hardworking for her age.

New Photos Of Princess Charlotte Released To Mark Her 5th Birthday

Just a couple of minutes of the photos being released by Kensington Palace, Princess Charlotte was already trending, with the Zara dress she was wearing selling out overnight. She has done this time and time again in the past, which has been called the Charlotte-effect. The power that this 5-year-old has is only an indicator of what the future holds for this promising royal.

Princess Charlotte is not destined for the throne, with that burden falling on her older brother Prince George, which means that she will have greater freedom when it comes to her life path. She has already been shown to garner more attention than either of her two brothers.

This has always been the case with female members of the royal family, as they get more criticism, both for every fashion or moral decision. The Queen, Princess Margaret, Diana, Fergie, Kate, Meghan have all had to face this, and history has proven, that some handle this better than others. It is the sad truth that this is the world we live in, and this future is something Princess Charlotte cannot escape, no matter how much she tries. This might be one of her father’s biggest concerns.

Watch Cheeky Charlotte Refusing To Give Her Flowers To A Royal Aide

He knows firsthand what kind of toll this lifestyle takes on a person, with the perfect example being his late mother Princess Diana. However, Diana’s life and untimely end were a result of all kinds of factors, one of which was upbringing, something that he and his wife Kate have done a great job with all three kids.

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Diana had a rocky childhood. From her parents going through a bad divorce, never growing fond of her stepmother, never having much support from her siblings, to marrying at nineteen and becoming the next Queen Consort. Her rise to fame was overnight and it had its lasting effects on her. All throughout her royal life, she was haunted by dramas and scandals. Her only stable thing was her two sons, which is where she shined the most. Diana’s curse was searching for a life that has long been lost to her, as well as being surrounded by people who only saw in her a way of getting money.

Thankfully, Princess Charlotte has the most normal childhood a royal can have, thanks to her two wonderful parents. She is also close with her brothers, with the Queen was saying that “Charlotte is the general, the boys are her soldiers”. And time and time again has Princess Charlotte showed that she is a perfect fit for the royal lifestyle, be it waving to crowds on a Royal tour of Canada, or perfecting her handshake when greeting well-wishers on Christmas Day, she is the consummate professional. Despite the absence of her grandmother, her effects can be felt in the way Prince William is raising Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte

Prince William and Prince Harry had one of the most ‘real’ upbringings, not being constantly shielded from the outside world because of their status. Their mother would take them to hospices, homeless shelters, hospitals and the poorer parts of London. She also took them to theme parks, McDonald’s, the cinema and Disneyworld. She might have made mistakes in other parts of life, but this was one area where she excelled at. And Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are also having this kind of experiences, seeing the world for what it is, and knowing that not everyone has the royal lifestyle.

On the other side, Princess Charlotte also has a strong and supportive family unit in the Middletons. Michael and Carole are not only great parents to Kate, but they are also great grandparents. They are an easy outlet for both Kate and the children when royal life just feels like too much.

All of these factor in Princess Charlotte’s upbringing and what kind of person she will grow up to be. We have no doubt that, with the best parts of both her parents, will be a great addition to the royal family and perhaps the future face of the family.

How her future will truly look like is anyone’s guess, but with her uncle Prince Harry creating his own way, who knows. The life of fame and fortune is a double-edged sword, as there are lots of trappings that one can fall into, but it also gives one the freedom to explore, imagine and experience all kinds of things in the world.

The attention she will be getting will only grow, with the media being preoccupied with every aspect of her life. We are sure that Princess Charlotte has what it takes to strive in this environment. Our future Kate Middleton, or even better, our Princess Charlotte.

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