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Princess Of Wales Set To Receive A New Role

The Princess Of Wales, Kate Middleton might become the next patron of Welsh football after her husband, Prince William, was publicly criticized by actor Michael Sheen for supporting England during the World Cup in Qatar.

This would mean that the Princess of Wales would add this role to her ever-growing sports patronages, as in February she became patron of the English Rugby Union and Rugby League.

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The Princess cheered on the England teams that took part in the women’s Rugby Union World Cup and the men and women’s squads in the Rugby League World Cup in October and November.

A source told The Express: ‘It’s being discussed as part of a much bigger review of royal patronages.’

Prince William rejected Mr. Sheen’s criticism, saying that he will be supporting both the English and Welsh national teams at the tournament.

The Prince of Wales, who is the current President of the English Football Association, handed out shirts to the England squad before they headed off to Qatar before the competition begins with its first match this Sunday.

The Welsh actor argued that it was ‘entirely inappropriate’ for William to be supporting England while holding the title of Prince of Wales.

By giving Kate the role of figurehead of the Football Association of Wales, tensions over the Welsh national team might cool down. The role had previously been held by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Welsh national team have finally qualified for this year’s World Cup, making their return to this great competition, with their last appearance being back in 1958. And by chance they have been placed in the same group with England, as well as facing Iran and the USA.

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The English FA shared a video online of the Prince of Wales sending a message to the England squad: ‘We’re all rooting for you.’

But on Twitter, Sheen, most known for his portrayals of Tony Blair, football boss Brian Clough and broadcaster David Frost, shared a critical opinion on the royal: ‘He can, of course, support whoever he likes and as President of the FA his role makes [the] visit understandable.

‘But surely he sees holding the title Prince of Wales at the same time is entirely inappropriate? Not a shred of embarrassment? Or sensitivity to the problem here?’

William did not waste much time with his reply, telling reporters during his visit to Cardiff that he would be supporting both England and Wales.

He said: ‘I support both. I support England more in the football, but Wales in the rugby.

‘When I was growing up Wales didn’t get through to the tournaments but I will be supporting them all the way through the process.

‘Getting to the World Cup is a big deal and I’ll be supporting Wales through the process.’

The Prince has been an avid supporter of the Welsh rugby team since his childhood, when he would often attend matches with his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, who herself was a keen supporter of the squad.

The comments made by the prolific actor have divided his fans and football fans alike, with some showing great support for his outspoken criticism of the monarchy. Others have pointed out that Prince William is also head of the English FA, and described Sheen’s post as ‘desperate’.

A few weeks back Sheen gave a spine-tingling talk to his national team, erupting into ‘Yma O Hyd’ which means ‘we’re still here’-a title of patriotic song and anthem for Welsh football fans.

Sheen continued: ‘Yma O Hyd. Yma O Hyd. I hear the voices singing. Speed your journey bois bach. One nation singing with one voice.’

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