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The Queen Revealed The Hilarious Thing George and Charlotte Do On Christmas

Christmas is the time to be with your family and loved ones. The royal family is no exception when it comes to the festive season. They traditionally spend Christmas and New Year at Sandringham House, the Queen’s country estate in Norfolk.

Queen Elizabeth has revealed that her five young royal great-grandchildren, among them, are George and Charlotte, really enjoy participating in the Christmas celebration.

george and charlotte

The Queen and Sir David Attenborough teamed up to protect forests.  In their new documentary, The Queen’s Green Planet, that will be released on 16 April, the Queen revealed that the little, cutest ones help the adults decorate the Christmas tree. But while helping, they sometimes know to make a little damage.

While Mr. Neil Turner, senior castle attendant, was talking with Queen Elizabeth II about decorating the Christmas trees, she commented: “Yes, that is always the problem, are the children love knocking those [decorations] off.

“Well my great-grandchildren do, anyway they enjoy themselves,” Her Majesty added.

Still, she managed to wind a solution to the children’s Christmas antics. She revealed that now the little ones have been more gentle when they’re hanging the ornaments themselves. She said: “And the great thing is to make them decorate it and they’re a bit more careful.”

But still, they are so cute and we really can’t blame them for breaking a low-hanging ornament or two.

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