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The Clue That George, Charlotte And Louis Spent Holidays Here

This year, Prince George, six, and Princess Charlotte, four, made their first-ever Christmas Day church service appearance, stealing the show from their parents Prince William and Kate Middleton. During the festive season, the entire Cambridge family spent it away from Kensington Palace, their home, instead of going to Norfolk.

For Christmas, all three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, spent it with their great grandmother the Queen at Sandringham. Most royals only stay there for a day or two, but it seems that Prince William and Kate, and their three children stayed there for most of the break.

The fact that the royal couple made an appearance at church alongside the Queen on Sunday proves that they spend the holidays at their Norfolk residence Anmer Hall. It is only a short drive from the Queen’s Sandringham estate and this country home has previously been described as Prince George’s favourite base.

According to reports, Prince George celebrated his sixth birthday there with friends this summer. Prince George isn’t the only who loves this place, as Kate has also shown her appreciation for the Georgian retreat which she and William received as a wedding gift from the Queen in 2011.

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be returning to their primary school, St Thomas’s Battersea, on Tuesday for the start of the new school term. This is Princess Charlotte’s first year at St Thomas’s, with her only starting to go there last October. Fans were delighted to see the young royal on her first day of school as there were lots of photos from the day shared online.

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The school costs around six thousand pounds for a term, offering a wide range of facilities and extracurricular classes for the pupils to enjoy. One highlight is the schools rotating menu which is prepared by “first-class” chefs.

As well as gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options, organic vegetables are prepared with every meal.

A source told Fabulous Digital: “The Thomas’s school lunches are the envy of the parents, their school chefs are first class.

“French onion soups, salmon dishes with dauphinoise potatoes plus an array of amazing puddings are the daily fare.”

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

We have no doubt that during the festive period Prince George and Princess Charlotte indulged in all kinds of sweets and snacks, as the snacks at their school are strictly sugar-free.

The source added: “Snacks are fruit and vegetables which are sourced daily. No sugar loading is permitted.”

“Pupils from other London schools love eating after matches with Thomas’s in the spacious dining room as their food is so tasty and appetising.”

The school menu steers clear of processed foods and to aims to make everything fresh.

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

General Catering Manager Mark Newman states on the website: “Each term the catering team develop a range of ideas and dishes with an emphasis on healthy cooking, full flavour and presentation.

“Our goal is to not only persuade pupils to eat but, more importantly, to enjoy a balanced diet whilst at school.”

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