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The Cute Nickname William Uses For Daughter Charlotte

On Monday the whole Cambridge family attended the Chelsea Flower Show in support of Kate Middleton, who herself had a project. Her three children really enjoyed the visit, having fun exploring the “Back to Nature” garden that their mother designed. During their visit, we saw Prince William refer to Princess Charlotte by a cute nickname, melting the hearts of fans.

Kensington Palace shared a video of the father of three interacting with his eldest son, Prince George.

“What would you give it out of 10? How many marks out of 10 would you give it — 10 being the highest?” he asked the 5-year-old.

George, Charlotte And Louis Visit Mom Kate’s Chelsea Flower Show Garden

 “Twenty!” the young boy replies.

“Twenty out of 10? That’s pretty good,” joked William in response, before adding, “I think mommy’s done well.”

“Mignonette?” William then asks, appearing to address Princess Charlotte.

“Yes?” the 4-year-old replies, before running to her father, who was on the rope swing, to “give [him] a push.”

This didn’t go unnoticed by fans, as they quickly jumped on social platforms to find where the cute nickname comes from and concluded that the word is derived from the French word “mignon” which means “cute.” (Mignonette means “dainty” or “darling.”)

George, Charlotte And Louis Visit Mom Kate’s Chelsea Flower Show Garden

There is debate over what Prince William is actually saying in the video, but a majority of fans are certain that Prince William really uses the “lovely” nickname.

“Anyone notice right before he asked Charlotte to push him, he called her by her lovely nickname. Someone from [Kensington Palace’s Instagram] comment section suggested William called her ‘Mignonette’ which means ‘delicate,’” wrote one person.

“William is calling his daughter Mignonette! How sweet,” wrote a second.

“I think it’s mignonette… if that’s true how sweet is that?” commented another on Instagram.

“It’s a pretty common term of endearment in French,” wrote someone else.

“Mignon is cute, I think, so it’s kind [of] like calling the child cutie,” said another.

The “Back to Nature” Garden was designed by Kate Middleton herself, with the help of Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White Landscape Architects, award-winning landscape architects. The goal of the garden is to bring people together and to “connect with nature”, according to palace statements and posts.

The garden is quite expansive, featuring a swing, a treehouse made to look like a bird or animal nest, and a “multi-sensory, green and blue plant scheme”.

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