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The Meanings Behind Each Of Kate Middleton’s Brooches

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a fashion icon ever since she joined the royal family, with her the outfits she chooses being sold out immediately after she wears them. Everyone is trying to steal her look, from her shoes to her handbag and her fancy hats. There is another important part of Kates entire image and that is Kate Middleton’s brooches collection.

One such accessory not only has a fashion role but also has a part in her duties as a royal lady-that being Kate Middleton’s Brooches. She wears them on special occasions, and often times uses it to pay homage to the organization or cause she is visiting.

Almost every royal lady, from the Duchess of Cornwall to the Queen herself have an assortment of all kinds of beautiful pins, with lots of those accessories being passed down from mother to daughter throughout history-so its bound that some of them have a bit of history behind them.

Today, pendants are making a comeback, as brands like Gucci and Alessandra Rich are staring their own lines of pin-on-bling, with classic Channel having their own brooches for years, so maybe we should take a note from Kates book and go and pick out a pin. Here are a couple of her favourite pendants so you can see if you have the same taste as the Duchess.

Kate Midleton's 'enigma' pin

The newest addition to Kates collection of brooches is thought to be her ‘enigma’ pin, which she wore in May 2019 during her visit to Bletchley Park, as she met with veteran codebreakers who worked at the mansion alongside her grandmother Valerie Glassborow during the Second World War. As a way to honour her grandmother, the brooch she was wearing looked very close to the rotors that were used in the enigma machine that Valerie would have worked with during her time at Bletchley. The four former codebreakers she met with there also had similar pins.

A well-known brooch of the Duchess is her shamrock brooch, a fan favourite, that she wears during the parade of the Irish Guards on St Patrick’s Day. The brooch consists of a single emerald placed in the centre. This is a very important brooch for the Duchess, as she wore this one for her very first engagements as a full-blown royal.

Another brooch that Kate has worn multiple times is a sparkling oak leaf brooch. She first wore it back in 2012 at the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations. She brought the brooch back for 2019s Easter Sunday service. The oak leaf has a connection to her family, as the Middletons have an oak tree as an important symbol for the family. Her wedding earrings also featured oak leaves and an acorn motif.

For the 2018’s centenary Remembrance Day service, Kate decided to go with a special poppy pin that pays tribute to the women that served in the First World War. It was actually available to the public, costing around 29,99 pounds from the Royal British Legion. In a nice detail, each brooch comes with a certificate commemorating the life of a woman who lost her life as a direct result of the conflict.

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