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The Palace Responds To The Rumors Of Harry And Meghan Move To Africa

Kensington Palace doesn’t often get involved with royal reports and usually decides to stay silent. And even if they wanted to, the sheer amount of reports there are daily about Prince Harry, Meghan and their new royal baby, it wouldn’t be possible to reply to every single one of them.

But a recent report from the Sunday Times, which says that Harry and Meghan might make an unexpected move to Africa for new royal jobs got the attention of the palace as well as a reply.

The interesting thing is that, Richard Palmer the royal reporter, tweeted that the Palace is not denying the reports and the move might turn out a real possibility.

The Palace Responds To The Rumors Of Harry And Meghan Move To Africa

The Times reports, in an article published early Sunday morning, in which they describe Meghan and Harry as having become royal “rock stars” and that a job abroad might help to ease off the spotlight that is focused on them all the time.

A source told the publication that the thinking from Prince Harry’s advisers is basically this; “How do we harness Harry and Meghan? How do you harness this phenomenon that has emerged? You make it productive.”

The new position the royal couple would be given would combine working on behalf of the Commonwealth as well as charity work, according to a royal source.

The main idea and goal, as the source told the Times, is for Meghan and Harry to use their “soft power abilities” to make an impact on another country, most likely Africa.

The couple already have history with the continent, with their love story actually starting in Botswana. And the Prince even spent his gap year in Lesotho in 2004.

The Palace Responds To The Rumors Of Harry And Meghan Move To Africa

Royal courtiers have said that his might be a “Malta moment” for Meghan and Harry. It’s something that should be familiar to anyone who has seen The Crown. It’s a period of time between 1949 and 1951 when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip spent time doing service abroad.

This report comes in a transitional period for the young royal couple. They recently moved away from Kensington Palace, and from the Cambridges, splitting the “Fab Four”.

The couple moved to the much quieter Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, just ahead of the birth of their first child. Most likely the couple will be busy preparing for the arrival of their first child. So, even if the rumors are true, the move will certainly happen after the birth of baby Sussex.

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