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The Sign That Meghan Is The One Managing Her And Harry’s Instagram Account

The Duchess is a woman of many talents, but is she also a secret social media manager? There are speculations that she is the one behind the new Sussex social media accounts.

First noticed by Hello!, the captions on the Sussex Instagram account aren’t very British. The account manager uses American spellings (energize instead of energise) and vernacular (diapers instead of nappies) in the latest post.

The post thanks fans for donating to various organizations to celebrate the Sussex couple’s first child, who will be born in the next few weeks. There could be explanations for the inconsistencies in the caption though.

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The usage of the dollar sign and the pound sign might be part of acknowledging that a lot of the donations came from the U.S.

You can find Americanisms in the lines about each charity. If the nonprofits gave the information, each description could be repeating words that the organizations use. The word “diapers” for instance appears in a line about Baby2Baby, a Los Angeles organization. Little Village HQ, though, is a U.K. charity, so it’s interesting that the word “energize” appears with American spelling.

Another explanation could be that it’s another American who writes the captions. After all, their head of communications is an American, Sara Latham. As the Sussexes work on getting their new household staffed, it seems likely that Latham might have a lot of responsibilities, including posting on social media.

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Anyway, it’s hard to ignore the heartfelt nature of the post. The Sussex couple thank their fans in a way that feels more personal than their usual social media posts.

“Their Royal Highnesses wanted you to know the impact of your support – the direct effect your donation, energy, and action made! YOU chose to be part of the collective good, and you have a made a real difference,” the post says, in part.

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