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The Sweet Link Charlotte And Louis Shared On Their First Outings

Kate Middleton and Prince William are proud parents to three lovely children. The couple has a kind of tradition after the birth of each of the children to pose for pictures outside of the hospital in which the youngsters were born. That officially marks the very first outing for the little royals, with Charlotte and Louis having a sentimental link they share from it.

Prince William, 36, and Kate Middleton, 37, are full-blown working royals, constantly busy with all kind of engagements and meetings. Even though they try their best to balance their working life with the life of a parent-of-three, they still need help, which comes in the form of a nanny. The royal couple employs Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who has trained at the prestigious Norland College in Bath. She joined the Cambridge family in March 2014, around the time when Prince George was only eight months old, according to reports.


Ever since she toke the royal role some months after the birth of Prince George, who is now 5, Maria has played an important part in the lives of Princess Charlotte, 3, and the youngest Prince Louis, 11 months (soon to be 1), from the very beginning. And as a way to pay respect to the nanny who has helped them so much, Kate and William made a nod to the nanny in a very touching way during their two younger children’s very first public outings.

Princess Charlotte could be seen wearing a handmade bonnet at the time when she was first revealed to the world at the steps of the Lindo Wing. The garment itself was a present for the young princess from Maria, which was purchased from a clothing store in Spain.

Princess Charlotte could be seen wearing a handmade bonnet

The Spanish children’s boutique where the bonnet was purchased, Irula, confirmed that the purchase was made in their shop three years previously. The shop owner also revealed that Maria and her mother selected not one but two kinds-in ivory and white, according to some reports.

And now in 2018, the bonnet has popped up again on the head on another royal baby. Making his very first public appearance on April 23 last year, Kate and William’s third child, Prince Louis was seen wearing the same knitted headpiece. But there is one small difference between the two royal babies.

When Princess Charlotte wore the headpiece, she was wearing it wrong, with it in the opposite direction to what it was designed to be worn. But for Prince Louis, the royal noticed their mistake and fixed it, so for his outing, he was wearing the cap the right way. Ever since that, we haven’t seen the youngest of Cambridge children very much.

Kate Middleton welcomed their third child

That might be because Kate and William have decided to give their children as much privacy as they can while they are still growing up. But don’t worry, we will get to see the baby very soon. His first birthday is just around the corner, and we will most likely either get photos from the birthday party or maybe the Royals will release an official photograph of the youngster to mark the milestone. They have been known to do that, with the Cambridge family posing for capture as a family of five during a countryside walk, which was released ahead of Christmas last year.

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