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The Three Reasons Why George, Charlotte And Louis Have To Celebrate This Weekend

Kate and William’s three children-Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis- have a lot of reasons for celebrating this weekend, besides the obvious reunion with their parents as they return from their royal tour.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been on an eight-day tour of the Caribbean, which saw the royals make visits to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

After an event-filled week, late on Saturday the two will officially wrap up their tour and take the eight-and-a-half-hour flight back to London, which means that they will reunite with their children early on Sunday morning.

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The three children-Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three, will certainly be excited to welcome their parents back from their royal tour, with the fact that they have begun enjoying the Easter holidays making the whole thing better.

The two oldest, George and Charlotte, have begun their Easter break from Thomas’s Battersea on Friday, while the youngest, Louis, has been off from nursery since Monday. Their summer term will not begin for another three and a half weeks.

Besides the reunion with their parents and the break from school, the Cambridge trio has another thing to look forward to, like what they will be cooking up for Kate for Mother’s Day this Sunday, with the help of Prince William and their nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo of course.

For this kind of event, the family usually prefers to celebrate them in private, only giving fans a glimpse of what’s happening through sharing photographs of their celebrations on their social media accounts.

For last year’s Mother’s Day George, Charlotte and Louis surprised Kate with a Victorian Sponge cake made and decorated by them with buttercream icing, sprinkles and colourful pipe cleaners shaped into hearts. The royals shared their sweet creation for fans to see on Kate and William’s Instagram accounts. We have no doubt that Kate was overjoyed by the gift and proud of her children’s creation, so we might see something similar this year as well.


The three children also wrote letters and drew pictures for their late paternal grandmother, Princess Diana. The sweet messages read: “Dear Granny Diana, Happy happy Mother’s Day. I love you very much and think of you always, sending lots of love from George xxx.”-George wrote, as well as drawing a beautiful picture of a sunset, trees and birds flying in the sky.

The second letter, filled with love heart drawings and animals stickers, was written by Charlotte, in surprisingly better handwriting than her older brother, and it read: “Dear Granny Diana, I am thinking of you on Mother’s Day, I love you very much. Papa is missing you. Lots of love Charlotte xxx.”

Prince Louis, being the youngest, exceeded expectations with a wonderful love heart drawing accompanied by his name.

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